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Meet our dynamic team of passionate individuals dedicated to innovating, collaborating, and delivering excellence in every endeavor.


Cristina Ramboiu

Meet Cristina Ramboiu, our vibrant and skilled Physiotherapist at U Go Physio! With a rich educational tapestry in Massage, Orthopaedics, Traumatology, Paediatrics, Neurology, and Sports Medicine, Cristina brings a wealth of experience from her time in private musculoskeletal clinics. Her journey has been marked by dynamic collaborations with an expert health team, where she’s honed her diverse treatment skills.

Cristina is a master of MSK Rehabilitation, Spinal Manipulation, Joint Mobilisation, Deep Soft Tissue and Sports Massage Therapy, and Exercise Therapy, serving clients across London and Essex. She’s a wizard at easing all sorts of musculoskeletal aches, from back, neck, and shoulder pains to hip, knee, and foot discomforts. Not just that, she’s also a guiding light for clients navigating the crucial phases of pre and post-surgical rehabilitation.

As a Sports Injuries Physiotherapist, Cristina’s true passion shines through. She’s all about empowering clients to rediscover their confidence and independence. Her approach is dynamic and full of life, constantly assessing and adapting her treatments to ensure everyone she works with gets the best care possible. Cristina’s energetic and organised nature means she’s always focused on understanding and responding to each client’s unique needs, making every recovery journey as personalized and effective as it can be.

Join Cristina on a path to better health and wellness, where your care is her priority, and your recovery journey is filled with positivity and expert support!


Adela Munteanu

Meet Adela, a vital member of our U Go Physio team, renowned for her exceptional skills in physiotherapy and deep commitment to patient care. Adela’s career in physiotherapy is driven by a genuine desire to aid others and her pursuit of excellence in all facets of her role.

Her diverse experiences and empathetic approach enable her to connect meaningfully with patients, enhancing her effectiveness across various physiotherapy disciplines. This makes her a highly valued member of our clinic.

Away from work, Adela enjoys the thrill of mountain hiking and the tranquillity of nature. She also has a fondness for Italian cuisine, reflecting her love for life’s finer experiences.

At home, she’s a devoted mother to two children and adores her pets, Lola and Benji. Adela’s compassionate nature extends to her active involvement in charitable causes, embodying her spirit of empathy and community service.

Adela offers more than just her physiotherapy expertise; she brings a compassionate, holistic approach to her practice, enriching the lives of her patients both professionally and personally.


Manuela Savu

Say hello to Manuela Savu, the heart and soul of our neuro physio team at U Go Physio. She’s got a knack for neurology and a passion for helping stroke survivors find their stride again. Manuela’s been making waves in Essex since she turned her talents to neurorehabilitation, and she’s all about giving her patients the push they need to rediscover their independence.

Juggling a gig with the NHS and our private clinic since 2017, she’s the go-to for a helping hand and a listening ear in the Stroke Rehab Unit. Manuela’s days are packed with patient chats, team huddles, and crafting care plans that put people first.

When she’s not in superhero physio mode, Manuela’s either chasing adventures outdoors with her two energetic boys, getting her hands dirty in the garden, or curled up with a good book.

Lead Therapist – Cardiorespiratory

Mohamed Youssef

Introducing Mohammed Youssef, our Chartered Physiotherapist, whose impressive career began with a BSc in Physiotherapy from The University of Cairo in 1977. He further honed his skills with an MSc in Respiratory Medicine and a PhD from the National College of Naprapathy, Chicago, USA.

Mohammed’s extensive experience includes roles in various international locations before settling in the UK, where he has served in senior positions in Kent, Camden, Kingston, London, and Essex. His commitment to professional development is demonstrated through numerous certifications in fields like Acupuncture, Orthopaedic Medicine, and Independent Prescribing.

A member of several prestigious physiotherapy societies, Mohammed is particularly noted for his expertise as a COPD Consultant. His deep passion for physiotherapy shines through in his dedication to helping patients achieve a pain-free, active lifestyle.

With Mohammed, you’re in the hands of a skilled and compassionate professional who is committed to your health and wellbeing.

Specialist in Sports Injuries Physiotherapy

Yasser Zied

Yasser Zied is a highly skilled physiotherapist with a BSc in Physiotherapy from the University of Cairo, Egypt, and a robust focus on sports injuries. As the premier Sports Injuries Specialist at U Go Physio, Yasser’s approach to care is grounded in a deep understanding of sports medicine and injury rehabilitation.

With a passion for aiding athletes in their recovery, Yasser expertly treats a wide range of sports related conditions. His experience spans acute injury management, such as sprains and strains, to chronic issues like tendinitis and overuse injuries. Yasser’s expertise also covers the effective treatment of whiplash injuries, often a result of high-impact sports.

Yasser’s treatment philosophy is centred around a comprehensive, patient specific approach. He employs a combination of manual therapy, advanced exercise prescriptions, and cutting-edge therapeutic techniques to ensure the best possible outcomes for his patients. His aim is not only to facilitate a swift return to sport but also to implement preventative strategies to mitigate the risk of reinjury.

Dedicated to his professional development, Yasser continually enhances his skill set through specialised training courses in areas such as advanced musculoskeletal assessment, sports physiotherapy, and performance optimisation.

His commitment to his patients is evident in his meticulous approach to rehabilitation and his determination to help each individual achieve their peak performance goals. Yasser’s expertise and dedication have made him a trusted name in sports injury physiotherapy, where he continues to lead with innovative treatment plans tailored to each athlete’s unique needs.

Senior Physiotherapist – MSK and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Specialist

Lili Useinova

Lili Useinova is a proficient Physiotherapist with a BSc in Physiotherapy from Brunel University London. She is a specialist in Musculoskeletal (MSK) and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, with a comprehensive approach to promoting overall health and well-being.

Her practice is grounded in enhancing patients’ quality of life through tailored exercise programmes, as well as through the improvement of posture and ergonomic adjustments. Lili’s expertise is particularly notable in her treatment of back and neck pain, where she integrates a blend of appropriate manual physiotherapy techniques to achieve optimal results.

A strong proponent of hands-on therapy, Lili frequently incorporates sports and connective tissue massage within her treatment plans, a testament to her holistic approach to physiotherapy. Her dedication to her craft and her patients’ recovery is evident through her continual commitment to utilising evidence based practices in her treatments.

Passionate about the intersection of therapy and patient education, Lili ensures that her patients are equipped with the knowledge and resources to maintain their health, prevent future injuries, and live active, pain-free lives.

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